Take control of your instore shopping experience
Available soon for iOS and Android
The first APP that lets you manage your entire shopping process

We want to change your shopping experience into something more fun, personalized and convenient, combining the power of the physical store with the mobile flexibility
How it works?
At home
Create shopping lists based on promotions, synchronize them with others, and never forget to buy a product again
On the go
Know the closest grocery store anywhere at any time and get rewarded just for getting in
In store
BEEP your products, get rewarded and experience a new way of shopping with special offers and no waiting on queues
Shopping / wish lists
Create, manage and share your shopping/wish lists, Beep products to add them directly to the list or search for the ones we already have in our database
Mobile checkout
Shop faster than ever just by beeping products directly from the shelf and checkout a full cart in under a minute
Coupons and promotions
Know the best deals from your favourite retailers and get personalized coupons from your favourite brands
Social sharing
Share with your friends the good deals you find in store
In store rewards
Get rewards just for entering the store and discounts based on your location
Store finder
Find stores near you
"Speed of checkout is always in the top five of customer complaints in the supermarket industry."

Tom Litchford
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